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Steve Buehrer

Protect Ohio Pensions, Inc. was pleased to announce and welcome Carpenter Lipps & Leland as Legislative Counsel.

Steve Buehrer, Partner and head of the public policy practice at the law firm, was hired to represent the association and its mission to protect the defined benefit pension plans of five Ohio public pension systems: Public Employees, State Teachers, School Employees, Police & Fire, and Highway Patrol.

Buehrer brings vast experience from nearly thirty years around many levels of government.  Before joining the law firm, he served as Administrator/CEO of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and prior to that spent twelve years as a member of the General Assembly.  

Buehrer comments “I am a person that values public service and have committed nearly my entire professional career to it. I believe the retirement systems and the defined benefit plans are a corner stone for current public employees as well as retirees that are spread across our state and nation.  I am honored to be a part of protecting these vital plans as well as educating legislators and the community at large on the benefits we all reap from stable, predictable retirement systems.”​

Buehrer, with support from the firm’s public policy team, will be responsible for educating members of the General Assembly, monitoring legislation that impacts the pension plans and providing updates to the association.  William Winegarner, Director of Protect Ohio Pensions, Inc. said “Steve’s experience, knowledge and passion for public service will be a huge asset to supporting and protecting the defined public pension plans.  I am confident Steve and the public policy team will play a key role in increasing our presence in the legislative process and keeping our members informed on important issues impacting the stability of the funds.”