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Our association is led by men and women who have years of Pension Fund legislative experience.  They know what to look for and how to explain any  potential threat.​

Find out why we need each other in order to protect our pensions.

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   Members receive the facts

Accurate information which has not been slanted by politicians, special interest, media, and yes, even misinformed friends and neighbors.​​​​​​​​

Protect Ohio Pensions, Inc.

​The purpose of our association is :

To support and protect the defined benefit pension plans of the following five Ohio public pension systems: Public Employees, State Teachers, School Employees, Police & Fire, and Highway Patrol.  We do this 

By educating members on issues that could impact the stability of the funds and their ability to continue providing a meaningful retirement pension and benefit package, and

By educating the public about the cost savings to them, and the economic value to their local communities, by maintaining Ohio’s current pension programs.